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My Right to Dignity has published an open petition addressed to the King on the occasion of one year since the beginning of the June 17th women driving movement. The petition renews the request to lift the ban. You can sign it by going HERE. Below is a translation:

To his majesty, the custodian of the two holy mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, may God save and bless him.

Peace and God’s mercy and blessing be upon you,

We address your majesty with thankfulness and gratitude for the utmost care that you have granted to Saudi women issues and the progressive steps that you have taken to involve women in the national development projects. These steps that you summarized in your historical speech on September 25th 2011 when you said, “We will not approve the marginalization of women.” This was followed by the two decrees concerning women membership on…

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14 thoughts on “Translation of My Right to Dignity petition

  1. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته وبعد

    الاخت الفاضلة منال الشريف حبيت في هذه الفرصة ان اتقدم بالشكر الجزيل لك على ماتتحمليه وتحمليه من اجل الوطن الشكر هنا قليل في جبل من الامنيات التي تتعدا النفس وتحمل معها هموم الناس اتمنا من الله العالي القدير ان يحفظك ‏

  2. منال انتي اعظم امرأه في الوقت الحاضر
    قدوتي الرسول محمد صلى عليه وسلم طبعا
    لكن من الاشخاص الموجودين على قيد الحياة فاني اراكِ القدوه اتمنى ان اصبح مثلك متعلمه قويه واتكلم بالحق لكن اهلي مجتمعي يختلف عنك كثيررا
    اتمنى لك التوفيق وان اكون من معاونيك واساعدك بكل مااستطيع ادنى ماستطيعه هو تأييدك ومتابعتك في تويتر وفي مجتمعي اايد افكارك وادافع عنك عند المعارضين باسلوب منافي لاسلوبهم
    عيب علي ان اشكرك فانت فوق الشكر

  3. اتمنى لكم التوفيق
    انتم تطالبون بحق مسلوب
    وهذا بحد ذاته شرف لكم

  4. الله معاااك يامنوله انتي انسانه شجاعه وكثير نحبببببببببببببك ربي يسعدك انتي الصوت المسموع لنا …فاغلب بنات السعوديه يريدون القياده ولكن من يوصل صوتنا ثابري ولايهمك اي شخص يحاول تخطيمك وثقي انه لا يرمى الا الشجر المثمر

  5. أنت أملي الوحيد والأخير اخت منال
    لن احتاج سوى ل 5 دقائق من وقتك الثمين لاشرح لك الامر بشكل سريع ومختصر

    جزاك الله خيرا مسبقاً

  6. Neo-Colonialism
    The civil rights activist here in america know that institution like Forgin Policy, Oslo Freedom Forum, Human Rights Watch, NGO’S, and ICC are tools that belong to western europe and america to re-colonize Africa and the muslim world.
    If Oslo Freedom Forum, are so concern about human rights in africa, why won’t they tell their country and other western europen countries to end economic sanctions that they put on africa.
    This way, africa will will be able to sell their produce to develope countries, and will be able to intellectually compete with western europe.
    Foreign Policy and Human Rights watch will never adavocate on behalf of africa
    like this.

    Netherlands—-Caring and Honoring the woman
    Manal Alsharif, if Oslo Freedom Forum care about woman rights, why do they allow their country to legalize prostitution? Why won’t they tell their country to give their woman dignify jobs? Why Oslo Freedom Forum will not set up help programs for woman in their country, so they can avoid becoming prostitutes? How can a country say that they care about woman and the dignity of a woman if they legalize prostitution? Manal Alsharif, can you answer these questions

    Manal Alsharif, I will ask you again, Why wont these human rights orgnazations that you are affilated with do not advocate for the oppress here in America? Why do they only have something to say when it comes to Saudi Arabia and other countries that
    want to implement the Islamic Law?

    June 17, and your petition did not even break 1,000. My bet is that most of the woman in saudi arabia loves ALLAH and his Messenger. Manal Alsharif, you went to a kafir country and spoke to mostly a non-muslim audience about how the KABA has a hole in it. Furthermore, you put Shaykh Bin Baz name out there. You indirectly was saying that Shaykh Bin Baz made a mistake in not allowing woman to drive. I belive Shaykh Bin Baz deserve better then that.

    On behalf of the muslim that live here in New York City, I will like to say that we love Shaykh Bin Baz.

    Again, I would like to say that I am not arab, I do not speak arabic, never been to an arabic country. However, I am a muslim man that love my religion and love the country of saudi arabia.

    With that said Manal, you would had more support if you didn’t run to the enemies of ISLAM.
    Christiane Amanpour is a known atheist. However, we see Manal Alsharif laughing and joking with her. Let me ask you Manal, When Christiane Amanpour talks bad about ISLAM, do you defend Islam like the way you defend your right to

    The woman of saudi arabia will have their right to drive one day. It’s inevitalbe.
    But, it will not be because of Manal AlSharif. It will be because of that ALLAH fearing woman standing up in prayer at night supplicating to her creator.

    1. I’m not affiliating with any NGO my dear brother.. I’m just a single mom trying to live with dignity in her own country.. not knowing what the struggle women of this country go through everyday, you can’t judge.. If the world media interested in our story, then it’s because the world is interested too.. that doesn’t give anyone the right to discredit our rightous fight her.. I wish you speak arabic to read my articles and other sisters articles that show how much women here are oppressed.. I’m not talking about driving.. I’m talking about being treated as a minor all our lives.. putting our our whole life decisions in the hands of a man.. I have a righteous and kind father.. many don’t have the same privilege.. many suffer in silents.. driving is a symbol of the new slavery women suffer here.. to understand, look how much they fought us aggressively for this basic right.. for 22 years.. things are not always what they look like to you.. I appreciate you passing by my blog and taking of your time to send me your thoughts.. God bless you always..

  7. Manal, I changed my mind. I would like for you to delet what you publish of mines. I do not want any hositlity to come to you because of the post. I gave you the NISSA advise) It’s up to your on free will, if you want to except it or not. I request you that you delet what you publish of mines.

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