My Memoir

Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman’s Awakening


This book took six years in the making. I wrote most part of it in Arabic and translated it into English. I shed tears and broke my heart 10s of times revisiting dairies, letters, photos, and memories kept locked. In a way, it was my best therapy.

This memoir is the first that is written with such intimacy and brutal honesty by any Saudi woman. I believe it won’t be the last but just the beginning of many to come to this world.

I’m honored and humbled by the attention my memoir got internationally. To mention a few, Oprah magazine named it #1 book for the summer read & Good Reads Choice Award 2017 ranked it #4 for the best memoirs of 2017.

I’m listing here some of the reviews & interviews about my memoir:


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“This eye-opening memoir recounts al-Sharif’s journey from religious radicalism (she melted her brother’s cassettes in the oven because the music was forbidden) to women’s rights activist in Saudi Arabia, imprisoned in 2011 for driving a car.”
Library Journal

“An intimate and powerful book from what is hopefully only the first of many Saudi voices to speak out.”
Kirkus Reviews

“[al-Sharif] has written a vital, inspiring book, describing her journey from abused schoolgirl to ‘Saudi Rosa Parks,’ leading the charge the world over for human rights and the simple freedom to take a seat behind the wheel.”
O, The Oprah Magazine

“A striking, nuanced memoir of what it means to “drive while female” in Saudi Arabia. … It is the story of [al-Sharif’s] traditional Saudi upbringing, her youthful radicalization, and her eventual change of heart that makes for a truly eye-opening read. … Fascinating, powerful, and heartbreaking, al-Sharif’s story should be required reading. Perfect for readers interested in Middle Eastern affairs, gender politics, and international women’s rights, as well as the role of social media in worldwide activism.”
Library Journal

“An intimate look at life for women growing up in Saudi Arabia and the challenges of seeking major social change.”

“Daring to Drive is a brave, extraordinary, heartbreakingly personal story of one woman’s battle for equal rights, told through the minute details of an everyday life that boiled over after years of frustrations. … The book provides a rare glimpse into Saudi society, and especially into the lives and emotions of women. … Al-Sharif presents a…valuable and honest view: a look into the hearts and minds of people who live in a society that is mostly off-limits to Westerners. Her literary achievement is that despite the huge cultural differences, Daring to Drive shows that Saudi women and men have dreams and fears much like our own.”
Associated Press (AP)

TIME Magazine

Christian Science Monitor

“For readers who are unaware of the dirty side of Saudi society, “Daring to Drive” is an eye-opening account of everything the world has missed.”
Muslim Observer

“Sure to be a summer best-seller. … A great and empowering story.”
Tallahassee Democrat

“Daring to Drive…takes readers in to a fascinating world usually closed to western audiences. … al-Sharif is a woman of extraordinary courage shaped by the restrictions placed on her by society. Daring to Drive is a testament to how women in Muslim countries are helping change their culture, one step at a time.”
New York Journal of Books

“Al-Sharif tells her story in clear, readable prose… [and] provides readers with unusual insight into what it means to be a woman under Wahhabi. … Daring to Drive is an important book.”
Me, You, and Books


“Al-Sharif’s transformation from religious radical to feminist champion is incredibly inspiring and I can’t wait to read her story.”

Jewish Journal

“If you’re searching for an inspiring memoir, Daring to Drive should be on your must-read list.”
Bitch Magazine

“If you consider yourself interested in women’s rights or the cultures of other lands, Daring to Drive should be a mandatory addition to your reading list.”
The News Wheel

“This book will piss you off and make you want to fight for women’s rights in a way no empowering Dove campaign could.”
The Cut (