Manal Al Sherif

I ran into this by accident.. My eyes filled with tears.. And women are still minors in my country.. and women are still not able to drive..

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A couple of weeks back an event page was created on Facebook calling on women to drive their cars on June 17th. The page was started by a group of individuals, one of whom was Manal Al Sharif. As news of the page got around, it caused a lot of controversy and more Facebook pages. The pages that were created are reflective of the different types of reaction such a call has caused in Saudis. One of the pages is a campaign for Saudi to whip women who drive on June 17th and another is simply an anti women driving campaign page. The former has over 1900 supporters and the latter has 2800 supporters. On top of that we have a sheikh Dr. Al Habdan who has made it his personal mission to make sure no woman drives in Saudi. He has called on the PVPV to…

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2 thoughts on “Manal Al Sherif

  1. Dear Manal,

    I just listened to your interview with Matthew Bannister on BBC Outlook program, and it was simply brilliant! I you are such wonderful example of both positivity and practicality. I”m a teacher & academic advisor at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. Each semester when I teach my female Emirati students about leadership and public speaking, I show them your inspiring and courageous speech from the Oslo Freedom forum. Your message is enlightening and inspiring, and the way you deliver it with such eloquence and expressiveness is the perfect example that I hope my students will follow. I learned so many fascinating things about Saudi history and culture from your speech, and I think my students did too. I hope you’ll find happiness and peace in your life here in the Emirates, and eventually that you’ll win the right to “drive your life” in your home country as well! Thanks so much for the inspiration you
    have given us!


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